FAQ - Greenhouses

How do I determine the size needed?

Simply measure the height of the plants you want to cover and the diameter. buying a size larger than you need will allow for growth so you can use it for more than one season.

How do I secure the greenhouse cover so that it will stay in place?

Each greenhouse cover has 2 or 4 loops at the bottom of each corner depending on the model. Using the supplied stakes put the stake through each loop and use a rubber hammer to pound them into the ground. It is recommended to put them in at a 45-degree angle.

How do I store the greenhouse cover when not in use?

NuVue’s green house covers are designed to easy fold to take up the least amount of space as possible. Please ensure the greenhouse cover is completely dry before storing and keep in a dry space.

Will the greenhouse cover damage my plants?

NuVue’s greenhouse covers will not damage your plants when used properly. Each greenhouse comes with 1 or 2 roll up windows that will allow for temperature control during hot days and allow for easy watering. It is important to roll down the windows when temperature drops to protect your plants.