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Terrace Garden Bed 36.5" x 13" x 11.5" – Hard Bottom, Slate Gray

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Garden in a smaller space, on or off hard surfaces.

  • Raised Terrace Garden Bed. 36.5”L x 13”W x 11.5”H.
  • Slate Gray polymer construction with woodgrain panel texture.
  • Hard bottom panel and custom fit liner to contain soil.
  • BPA FREE - Certified safe for growing edible plants.
  • No Tools Required!
Our Terrace Garden Bed in a more compact size is great for the urban gardener or for those looking to garden in smaller spaces. With dimensions of 36.5” length x 13” width and hard bottom, the Terrace Garden Bed is perfect for a sundeck, balcony or patio. Available in White or Slate Gray colors with a woodgrain panel texture, the Terrace Garden Bed is a timeless design that adds to the appearance of any outdoor area. In addition to the hard bottom panel, a custom fit spunbond liner is included, which allows excess moisture to pass through, while retaining the soil inside. No Tools are Required with our innovative quick-connect assembly system that makes set-up or take-down quick and easy! Constructed out of durable polymer material and with double walled panels, the garden bed is maintenance free, UV and cold resistant and able to be left outside in all seasons. It will not rot or rust and is easy to clean. At 11.5” height and with a 10.75” growing depth, the high wall design is ergonomically friendly and provides countless growing options. A lovely garden awaits with the versatile Terrace Garden Bed!


  • No Tools Required!
  • Quick and easy assembly or disassembly.
  • Hard bottom and custom fit non-woven, spundbond fabric liner.
  • Allows you to put the terrace garden bed on hard surfaces such as patios, balconies or decks.
  • Hard bottom panel and liner retains the garden soil within the terrace bed.
  • 36.5” length x 13” width x 11.5” height with 10.75” depth.
  • Compact size accommodates a range of different spaces and locations.
  • 11.5” height and 10.75” depth allows for a variety of plants while promoting less bending and reduced back strain.
  • Made of a durable, UV and cold resistant white polymer material with woodgrain texture.
  • Will not rust, rot or mold.
  • Beautiful appearance, maintenance free, very easy to clean and will look great year after year.
  • 36.5” x 13” x 11.5” (92.7cm x 33cm x 29.2cm)

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How long does it take for an item to arrive after it’s been shipped?
Product purchases in Canada and the United States ship within 1 to 2 business days. We have distribution centres in both Canada and the United States to ensure we can get your order to you in the fastest way possible.

Free shipping on all orders $75 dollars and above in United States (Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico is NOT included.)

What shipping carriers do you use?
Our products are shipped with Canadian postal service in Canada and USPS, UPS and DHL in the United States.  

Do you ship overseas?
Yes. For shipping outside Canada and the United States please contact us to arrange for a freight quote. 

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Most of our product ship complete in one box. If you are ordering multiple products, they may be packed in more than one box depending on their size.

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Due to logistics issues we are not able to ship to Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.


We offer a 5 year warranty against manufacturing defects


Do your garden beds have a bottom? 
No, we designed our garden beds so they do not have a bottom. It is recommended that they are placed directly on the grass or soil. This allows proper drainage and access for beneficial earthworms to help aerate the soil. All our elevated garden beds have a built-in bottom. Our elevated garden beds model 26020 and 26021 and our terrace garden beds model 26009 and 26010 have a built in bottom.

Can I put my garden bed on a solid surface like concrete? 
For proper drainage it is not recommended to place garden beds with no bottom directly on concrete or solid surfaces.

If it is necessary to place the garden bed on a solid surface, we recommend you line the bottom of the garden bed with landscape fabric or other suitable membranes to keep the soil in the garden box. 

What is the best location for a garden bed?
For best results it is recommended that you place your garden bed in an area suitable for the plants inside the garden bed. If you are planting vegetables that require a lot of sun it will be important to place the garden bed in an area where you can get maximum sunlight. If you are planting flowers that require shade you will have to place the garden bed in an area so that they will not be damaged by the sun. 

Will the sun fade my garden bed?
Our products are designed for long term direct sunlight and will not easily fade over time. 

Can I leave my garden bed outside in the winter?
Yes. Our garden beds are constructed using materials that will withstand harsh winters without causing any damage to the garden bed. 

How can I keep insects and animals from damaging my plants?
We carry a complete line of bug and shade covers, pest control covers, pop up green houses, frost covers and winter covers that will allow you to protect your plants and extend your growing season. See plant protection for more information.  

What is the warranty for NuVue garden beds? 
We offer a 5-year warranty against material defects for all our 100% PVC raised garden beds and planters. All other products carry a 1-year warranty against material defects.

Assembly Video Instructions

Terrace Garden Bed 36.5" x 13" x 11.5" – Hard Bottom, Slate GrayTerrace Garden Bed 36.5" x 13" x 11.5" – Hard Bottom, Slate GrayTerrace Garden Bed 36.5" x 13" x 11.5" – Hard Bottom, Slate GrayTerrace Garden Bed 36.5" x 13" x 11.5" – Hard Bottom, Slate GrayTerrace Garden Bed 36.5" x 13" x 11.5" – Hard Bottom, Slate GrayTerrace Garden Bed 36.5" x 13" x 11.5" – Hard Bottom, Slate GrayTerrace Garden Bed 36.5" x 13" x 11.5" – Hard Bottom, Slate Gray